Focus on operation and development of properties based on contemporary needs!

We operate and develop properties

The collaboration between Tregart Invest and the Tasfo companies was established in 2009.

TT Partners specializes in operating and developing properties with potential and demand for contemporary requirements and wishes among tenants and users of our properties. The experience spans the development of various categories of properties (housing, youth housing, shops and offices), and all relevant tasks from operation, project establishment, local plan development, project planning and client management to final delivery/operation of the property.

The development takes place in a collaboration between Tregart Invest and the Tasfo companies, either alone or in collaboration with other capital-strong investors/stakeholders. However, the Tregart Invest and Tasfo companies always have an ownership stake in all the properties, and thereby – in addition to the day-to-day development responsibility – also take on the financial risk in the same way as all other partners.

What we do

TT Partners consists of an experienced and successful team. For many years, the organization has worked with the development and operation of real estate, and has thereby gained in-depth knowledge and experience with all development tasks from identifying the relevant property.